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Faculty Bonus Program

Policy No: 027
Approval Date: 12/15/05
Historical Notes:


New Mexico State University Library will have a faculty bonus program.


Bonuses reward faculty for exceptional performance above and beyond a faculty member's normal scope of assigned duties and responsibilities during the course of a single calendar year. A bonus is appropriate when a faculty member has demonstrated exemplary initiative and made significant advances in one or more areas of librarianship; research, publication, and creativity; or service. The bonus program is separate from the performance evaluation process.


All full-time library faculty members, except the Dean and Associate Dean, are eligible for bonus consideration.

Bonuses are cash payments in the amount of $500 (net) and are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Bonuses are one-time payments and are not built into the base salary.
  2. They reward accomplishments beyond base performance and those deserving of merit pay.
  3. Payment is awarded outside of the regular pay schedule and processed using a one-time payment request.
  4. Normal deductions are taken out of the bonus payment; net payment amount will total $500.
  5. The announcement of bonuses will be done at the annual Library Employee Service Awards Ceremony.
  6. The number of bonuses awarded may vary from year to year depending on the availability of funds.
  7. It may be the case that in any given year no bonuses are given.
  8. Bonuses will not be awarded to the same faculty member in two consecutive years, but eligibility will resume thereafter.

The Dean will call for nominations. Any faculty member may self-nominate or nominate another faculty member by filling out the nomination form. Nominations will contain a statement of the nominee's accomplishments and will demonstrate how they meet the criteria for the bonus. The Dean will appoint a three member committee made up of one department head and two faculty members. The members of the committee will not be eligible for the faculty bonus program that year. The members of the committee will independently review the nominations and their recommendations will be forwarded to the Dean of the Library, who will make the final decisions as to what, if any, bonuses will be awarded.