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Carl Faubion Outstanding Library Staff Employee of the Year Award

Policy No: 036
Approval Date: 02/06/08
Historical Notes: Revised 2/24/10


The Carl Faubion Outstanding Library Staff Employee of the Year Award is awarded annually to an exempt, non-exempt, or student library employee who exemplifies one or more of the following:

  • Excellence in customer service
  • Exceptional contributions to the NMSU Library
  • Innovation and creative thinking in problem solving
  • Contributions which have reduced operating costs or resulted in administrative efficiencies



  • Any NMSU Library regular full-time exempt, non-exempt or student employee is eligible for this award.
  • This award may be given to the same individual more than once, but not in consecutive years.
  • Members of the Nomination Review Committee are not eligible to be considered for this award during the time they are on this service committee.


  • Any library employee may in writing nominate any eligible library employee using a nomination form.
  • Self-nominations will not be considered.
  • The nominee's direct supervisor and department head must have their signature on the nomination form.
  • The names of all individuals nominated will be kept confidential.
  • A call for nominations will be made by the Dean in the spring semester and awards will be announced at the library's annual awards ceremony each year.


The Nomination Review Committee will be made up of representatives from the following areas:

Representative Type of Appointment
1 Library Faculty member Elected by library faculty
1 Non-Exempt member Appointed by Dean/Associate Dean
1 Exempt member Appointed by Dean/Associate Dean
1 Department Head Selected by Department Heads
1 Library HR Liaison Position appointment

The Nomination Review Committee will review all nomination forms submitted and forward recommendations to the Library Dean.

If a member of the Nomination Review Committee has nominated an individual for an award, the committee member will not participate in the recommendation process regarding that nomination.


  • This award is paid as taxable earnings through the personnel/payroll system.
  • This award is a $500 (after taxes) one-time cash award.